Chen Tamir / One After Another / Douglas Paulson

"Asymmetric Materials for the Urban Battlespace" (In 2007, the US Department of Defense began a $15 million program developing personal one-way shoot-through, self healing invisibility shields).

(2009, lenticular image)


a few notes on what is and isn't there:

predators disappear to stalk their prey. b-2 spirit "stealth" bombers are virtually invisible to anti-aircraft defenses:



text is omitted from memorandums justifying torture, 'public' policy is hidden.

the images of the dead soldiers are forbidden from broadcast media:



AK-47s placed next to dead iraqi civilians for photographs, making them postmortem combatants. iran intercepts and modifies protest twitters.

a US missile strikes al-jazeera in kabul, destroying the office. US missiles strike an alleged militant base in pakistan. the pakistani army to takes credit. Hayat Ullah Khan, the reporter who photographed the scene documenting the US missile debris, is murdered:



the "nuremburg files" publishes photographs and names of doctors that provide abortions are published via the web, with an X through the names of doctors that have been assassinated.

photographs of iraqis manufacturing and moving biological weapons building the case for war: