Chen Tamir / Interviews, Essays, Articles, & Reviews
A Report on the Cultural Boycott of Israel, originally commissioned by Artis and published by Hyperallergic
Liminal Spaces in The Exhibitionist: Journal on Exhibition Making, March 2014, No. 9.
Creative Actuality
Guest edited special edition of Ma'arav online journal with texts by Maria Lind and Hito Steyrel, Ruthie Ginsburg, Jon Rafman, Ozge Ersoy, and Michael Zupraner 
(Winter 2011)
essays and articles:

“Getting There” on Johanna Billing: Look Behind Us, A Blue Sky
Catalogue essay commissioned by Kunstmuseum Basel, Museum für Gegenwartskunst and Dundee Contemporary Arts (September 2007)

Redrawing History: Miguel Luciano’s Subversion of Consumerism Through Culture, catalogue essay commissioned by CUE Foundation and AICA (December 2006)

The Video Camera Is A Time Machine
Feature on Adad Hannah in Blackflash (Spring 2009)

Mika Rottenberg
2007 Moscow Biennial catalogue

Catalogue essay on Gheorghe Fikl for Slag Gallery (May 2009)

Critical on the Inside (Summer 2007)

Easy Tips for the Young-at-Heart Curator, From One Who Should Listen to Her Own Advice (Summer 2007)
Momentum Biennial 2011 
Akimbo (October 2011)
Ulla von Brandenburg - Performa 07 - Writing Live
Francesco Vezzoli - Performa 07 - Writing Live
Gordon Matta-Clark: "You Are the Measure"
C magazine (September 2007)
“Uncertain States of America – Post-9/11 Art”
Exhibition review published in C magazine (February 2007)
Mika Rottenberg
C magazine (June 2006)
The Moment You Realise You Are Lost (Adam Carr)
C magazine (June 2007)
Sandra Meigs: The Bump and Ride Paintings
C magazine (February 2005)
Walid Raad and the Atlas Group
Ciel Variable (May 2005)
Chen interviews and massages Ward Shelley, FlashArt (May 2009)
Claire Fontaine in C magazine (Spring 2009)
Fia Backström in Sjónauki (Fall 2008)
Darren O'Donnel - Performa 07 Writing Live
Conflux 2008 - Justin Grotelueschen interviews Conflux 2008 curators
Omer Fast in FlashArt (October 2008)